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Cranial Therapy

​        Special  migraine-relief package:

                  3, one-hour Cranial Therapy sessions:  $150.OO​​

What is Cranial Therapy?​​

Cranial Therapy is an intuitive healing technique focused on releasing energy blockages in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Blockages are removed using therapeutic touch to a patient's skull, face, spine and pelvis.
​​My Belief​​
I believe Cranial Therapy is a game changer in terms of therapeutic healing. Migraine sufferers should NOT hide each time a migraine comes along!​​​ Cranial Therapy is an efficient, gentle, slow, precise, healing technique that can help relieve migraine pain.


What do you have to lose? Your migraines?
Jean-Yves (AKA John) has a unique studio office on Frankfort Avenue for over ten years. Clients are never over-scheduled so they receive a full-hour session. 

Cranial Therapy (CST) is his favorite healing therapy. It is such a pleasure to see a client feeling much better without chemical drugs. 

Not too many businesses in town offer this unique, gentle, and efficient technique. 

A favorite analogy about Cranial treatment​:

Think of your body as a car traveling down the highway. The Cranial Therapist is the person in charge of removing obstacles so you can travel more freely. It is the practitioners job to free up the blockages of energy slowing you down.

Cranial Therapy can help with: Migraines, headaches, TMJ, sinus infections, ear infections, cervical misalignents, visceral issues, and more!

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Special  package:
3, one-hour CST sessions = $150.00
"May the Force be with you" 
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 No more Migraines ! No more Migraines !
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